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Liza is an Arts and Social Science (Mass Communication and Sociology) graduate from the National University of Singapore and a qualified childcare professional in the state of California, having completed her Basic and Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Management from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA Extension). She has been teaching English to primary school students and international school students for the past 14 years and runs L'Attitude, a tuition and enrichment centre for developing English language and literacy skills.

In addition, Liza is the author of a series of primary school composition and creative writing companion books. In June 2018, she joined the ranks of the SPH English Masterclass speakers, conducting seminars on how to help Primary 5 and 6 students navigate the PSLE English syllabus and in 2019, launched her latest book "Excel in PSLE English : A smart study guide" to help parents and students navigate the PSLE English syllabus. 


"I started attending group lessons with Teacher Liza in P5. As English used to be my weakest subject, I did not know how to apply the concepts appropriately to the questions in the English paper. However, under Teacher Liza’s guidance, English became one of my stronger subjects and I have improved tremendously. Furthermore, writing a composition with countless good vocabulary phrases became natural to me. I am very happy that I got an AL2 for my English PSLE and she is the most amazing teacher I have ever known."


"Dear Teacher Liza, thank you for teaching me since Primary 3. I can't believe it has already come to the end and I'm so sad not to have you as my English teacher anymore. Thank you for making English so fun to learn. I was always looking forward to your classes! I wished that you teach secondary students but you don't so I won't be able to see you weekly anymore but I'll make sure to drop by the tuition centre and say hello. You were and always will be one of my favourite teachers and I hope you will remember me as your student. Thank you for everything!"


"Liza is indeed a teaching maestro who is able to encourage, teach and transform children of all abilities. I sent all three of my children to her, each child with a very different set of learning challenges. She was able to bring out the best in each of them as Liza does not have a one-size-fits-all method. Instead, she saw each child as an individual, working in the child’s best-fit style. Despite their challenges, my older two children got A* for English at PSLE and my youngest got AL1 for English at PSLE. Beyond the PSLE, the foundation laid by Liza in English gave my children the necessary tools to excel even as they pursue their IGCSE, consistently achieving results that surpass our expectations."


“Liza has taught my four children, the oldest being twenty-two. She offers a lot more than English tuition. She has been a mentor, a confidante and at times, a discipline mistress when necessary to all my children. They have all turned out to be eloquent and articulate, brimming with confidence and they have made their journey through primary school dotting their 'i's and crossing their 't's, speaking English properly. Many thanks to their English mum Liza who continues to inspire and allow them to realise their full potential not just in English but in LIFE!”

Angela Chong

“Liza has been instrumental in the English language learning journeys of all my three children. I am very grateful not only because of her excellent tutelage enabling both my sons to achieve A* in English in their respective PSLE examinations but even more so because all three found a wise mentor and sensible counsellor in her. She holds them to a high standard both academically and in their conduct and out of deep respect for her, they rose to meet those standards. She holds a disciplined, methodical and fun approach to learning. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Aida Kurniawan

"Dear Aunty Liza, 
Thank you for being my favourite teacher for three years! I don't know how you managed to put up with my nonsense. You have always been there, motivating me and telling me that I can do well. I can 100% guarantee that my vast improvement is because of you. Your lessons have always been filled with joy and laughter. I remember in P3, I was always terrified of you but now, I look forward to all your lessons. I can't believe today is the last one! I am going to miss you so much and I just want to thank you. You have been my pillar of strength and support. You are the best!"

Choo Mae Gin

“Both my children are happy beneficiaries of Liza's wonderful tutelage. She is passionate about the English language and that translates into the energy she brings into her classes. She is firm, and yet manages to engage the children, allowing them to build their foundation in the language naturally. Her devotion to each child prompts her to go the extra mile to find out ways in which to address specific difficulties that the child may face. Liza is also creative and enthusiastic, organising fun activities/programmes for the children post exams so that they can further explore the language in a more relaxed setting. She is an amazing teacher. ”

Peh Xiao Shan

I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous impact you made on Angela. It's only been 8 short months but it's astronomical. You not only teach her English. You set her a very high standard and you guided her towards it. Through you, I see the potential of my (daughter) and through you, I learnt how I should be helping her move forward. The impact you had on Angela did not end yesterday; it will last a lifetime.  Thank you very much Liza."

Gin Cheong

I started my journey with Teacher Liza in the middle of Primary 5. Back then, English was my worst subject. I was one of the worst in English in my class. There were times when I wondered if I could even smell my A* for the PSLE because no matter how hard I worked, my English grades continued to slip.

Just when all hope seemed lost, my mother introduced me to the best English teacher I have met in all my primary school years - none other than Teacher Liza. Teacher Liza is a different teacher. Most teachers would force knowledge down one's throat but she inspired learning. She made it a point to make sure we had a good laugh each session about the English language and that was something I looked forward to. She motivated me to work harder when I got a bit lazy sometimes and she gave me constant encouragement.

My composition marks improved from 31/40 to 36/40. Nearing the prelims, going to Teacher Liza was especially helpful because she would revise what we had learnt and enforce exam techniques such as how to answer an oral question. Through perseverance and grit, the impossible happened. I got an A* for my PSLE English exam! I would say this result is all attributed to Teacher Liza. 

Teacher Liza, thank you for guiding me to achieve my dream.

Charlotte Yeo

Dear Teacher Liza,

Though I was a student of yours for about 8 months, your lessons have, by far, been the most enjoyable and effective classes I have ever attended. I can guarantee that within these 8 months, my vast improvement is the result of your classes. While you can be strict at times, you are humorous when you joke around about our compositions and homework which can give us a good laugh. Thank you for guiding me towards the A* which I obtained in my PSLE and for your continuous encouragement throughout these short few months! I will definitely remember your help and I am very grateful. Thank you so much, Teacher Liza!

Angela Cheong

"Hello Teacher Liza!

It's been simply AGES since I last saw you! I'm missing you and the L'Attitude lessons dreadfully. I also seem to have forgotten most of my English. (What's a pronoun again?) I'm enjoying secondary school - although, again, I wish that you taught Secondary 1 students.

I'll come along with my mom and visit you one of these days when she's picking Lucas or Samantha up from L'Attitude. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.



It's always so much fun learning at L'Attitude,

Especially when I'm being taught by you!

This is a couplet I made up. Yeah, yeah, I know, you already knew that.

L: Loving

I: Ingenious

Z: Zealous

A: Amazing (and attractive HAHA)

Liza is THE BEST!"

Natalie Ong



L'Attitude provides 1-on-1 English lessons for children who prefer individual attention or those who are from international schools which run on a different syllabus.



With a maximum class size of 6 in a small group setting, students are guided in all areas of the English language syllabus for Primary One to Six in Singapore.

From composition writing to oral fluency, children are exposed to various forms of writing, listening comprehension and all aspects of the English Paper 2 requirements.  



1. Cookery-cum-Writing

Come join L'Attitude as we journey into the world of poetry. The children will bake cupcakes/muffins and learn about poetry-writing. They'll try their hand at writing their own poems after baking their treats and immerse themselves into the world of creative imagination. A good time to let their hair down in a constructive and meaningful way as they learn to enjoy and embrace the English language!

14 Jun, 2023: Wednesday

All primary levels welcome

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: $250 (inclusive of ingredients)

Venue: L'Attitude, 1 Fifth Avenue, Guthrie House, #02-02, Singapore 268802

Please register via this link.

2. Composition Writing Workshop 


19-23 Jun, 2023: Monday to Friday

P3: 1.45pm-3.15pm

P4: 3.30pm-5pm

Cost: $500

P5: 5.15pm-6.45pm 
P6: 12pm-1.30pm

Cost: $700

Venue: L'Attitude, 1 Fifth Avenue, Guthrie House, #02-02, Singapore 268802

Please register via this link.

3. PSLE Oral Workshop for Primary 6 Students

31 May, 2023: Wednesday.

Run 1: 9am-12pm

Run 2: 1pm-4pm

Cost: $450

Venue: L'Attitude, 1 Fifth Avenue, Guthrie House, #02-02, Singapore 268802

Please register via this link.

4. Speech and Drama Programme: (Not Applicable for June 2023)

Designed to build speech confidence and oral diction accuracy, the children always have a blast in our four-day Speech and Drama programme which helps to hone their public speaking confidence and skills in a fun and interactive way.


2022's workshop will be held with Tiffany Dass, an honors graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts who graduated with distinction in her Diploma programme. Tiffany has performed in various productions and is currently a Speech and Drama teacher and Creative Writing instructor with Mindchamps. She has coached children from ages 3-16 across Singapore and directed plays which were presented at the Singapore Youth Festival. Bubbly and filled with enthusiasm, the children are sure to benefit from her exuberance and S&D background. 

This year, through the theme of 'A Winter Wonderland', we'll embark on public speaking, speech clarity, articulation and vocal projection for oral skills as the children think on their feet and learn to speak up and use the English language creatively over four days.

Class size will be adjusted in accordance with Covid-19 regulations. 

Venue: L'Attitude, 1 Fifth Avenue, Guthrie House, #02-02, Singapore 268802

Snacks will be included and have proven to be one of the favourite parts of the children's experience!

Places are limited and on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are keen, do register with us as soon as possible.

4. 1-1 Coaching (dates to be advised)

Liza will be opening up personalized coaching slots during the June holidays. 

Cost: P4 and under - $180 per 1.5hr session.

P5 and P6 - $200 per 1.5hr session.

Please indicate your interest in 1-1 slots with Liza at this link.

P4-6 book photo.jpg


Collaboration with Singapore-based Armour Publishing to publish a series of books to help students write better as they prepare for the new PSLE continuous writing syllabus.
The books are now available at all Popular and Kinokuniya stores.
Check out

why i wrote this book.jpg


A book that summarises the skills and tips needed in all four papers of the PSLE English language syllabus. Trickiest grammar and Synthesis & Transformation rules are included together with exercises to reinforce the learning. Cute pull-out cards for quick and easy revision which children find interesting and effective. Available at Popular and Kinokuniya bookstores.


English workshops to equip P5/6 pupils and their parents for the exams

This collaboration has been put on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Need a summary of what to look out for when doing the various English papers? Confused by grammar and synthesis rules and how to apply them? Need to know what teachers look out for when grading compositions and situational writing assignments? Then sign up for the ST English Masterclasses conducted by Liza this school holiday to get a good overview and summary notes to help you in your learning!

Date: Tuesday, Nov 26, 2019: 2.30-5.30pm

Class 1: Parent Workshop. How Can I Support My Child's Learning? What are the changes to the new PSLE grading system for 2021?

Date: Monday, Nov 25, 2019: 10am - 1pm or 2.30-5.30pm 

Class 2: P5/6 Situational and Continuous Writing for PSLE English Paper 1

Date: Wednesday, Nov 27, 2019: 10am -1pm or 2.30-5.30pm

Class 3: PSLE English Paper 2, Oral and Listening Comprehension Techniques

Contact SPH to sign up directly at or call 63195076 to register! You can also email them at should you have any queries.


Do you have concerns about your child's English language development? Or are you keen to sign your child up for a holiday programme? Use our registration form for holiday programme sign ups and we will get in touch.


1 Fifth Avenue, Guthrie House, #02-02
Singapore 268802



9775 8300

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