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Founder & Educator


Liza is an Arts and Social Science (Mass Communication and Sociology) graduate from the National University of Singapore and a qualified childcare professional in the state of California, having completed her Basic and Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Management from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA Extension). She has been teaching English to primary school students and international school students for the past 17 years and runs L'ATTITUDE, a tuition and enrichment centre for developing English language and literacy skills.


In addition, Liza is the author of a series of primary school composition and creative writing companion books. In June 2018, she joined the ranks of the SPH English Masterclass speakers, conducting seminars on how to help Primary 5 and 6 students navigate the PSLE English syllabus and in 2019, launched her guidebook "Excel in PSLE English : A smart study guide" to help parents and students navigate the PSLE English syllabus.  In 2022, she introduced two more books to help P5 and P6 students with their Situational Writing.

Meet the Team 

The team at L'ATTITUDE comprises highly passionate and dedicated educators, who are committed to helping your child excel in English. 

Gwen Lee

"My Saturdays are bright with the most innocent, refreshing and thoroughly amusing composition and oral responses that the children give, which always make me chuckle to myself."

Having been with L'ATTITUDE since 2014 , Gwen has guided many children with their corrections and diction, not to mention grammar and synthesis rules. 

Her 10-year tenure has allowed her to see these students progress, some of whom are currently in their JC or University years.  Gwen graduated from NUS with an Honours Degree (Second Upper) in Sociology.

Vivienne Tan

"There is never a dull moment when I'm at L'ATTITUDE! It has been such a joy to know the unique character of each child. The children make me smile, laugh and remember what it means to be childlike again!"

Having scored a full 45 points in her International Baccalaureate examinations at the end of her tenure at ACS (Independent), Vivienne has tutored and mentored students from primary school to pre-university levels. She joined L'ATTITUDE in 2022 and is currently pursuing an Economics degree at university.

Elizabeth Chee

"I love teaching at L'ATTITUDE - the children are so sweeet and they say the most amusing things sometimes!"

With her excellent written and verbal communication skills, Elizabeth has been teaching English and English Literature to primary and secondary school students  since 2017 and joined the L'ATTITUDE team in 2021. 


Elizabeth graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (Second Upper). 


"Dear Liza,

Thank you for being a truly outstanding teacher! Thank you for the priceless impact you have made in Zhi Han...from being someone who had no confidence in writing to now being a confident writer! She is looking forward to a possible Sec 1 class with you!"

Yvonne, Mother of Zhi Han (AL1 in English - PSLE 2022)

Having been in L'Attitude since Primary 1, I can attest to the fact that Teacher Liza and the other teachers have greatly impacted my English skills. Her teaching methods are extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to Rules (of grammar and synthesis). All the tips and tricks she gave definitely stuck with me throughout my whole primary school life. With lots of help and encouragement from her and her staff at L'Attitude, I was able to attain an AL1 for English for my PSLE (2022).


I joined L'Attitude in 2022 when I was in P6, and started seeing an improvement in my English results within a few months. Ms Liza is a very inspiring teacher who is able to motivate me to do my best while at the same time, impart important language skills to me. My composition saw the biggest improvement! In addition, Ms Liza made the lessons very interesting and I would look forward to it every week! Thanks Ms Liza! Appreciate all your guidance and mental support!

Entinne, AL1 in English (PSLE 2022)

“Liza has taught my four children, the oldest being twenty-seven. She offers a lot more than English tuition. She has been a mentor, a confidante and at times, a discipline mistress when necessary to all my children. They have all turned out to be eloquent and articulate, brimming with confidence and they have made their journey through primary school dotting their 'i's and crossing their 't's, speaking English properly. Many thanks to their English mum Liza who continues to inspire and allow them to realise their full potential not just in English but in LIFE!”

Angela Chong

“Liza has been instrumental in the English language learning journeys of all my three children. I am very grateful not only because of her excellent tutelage enabling both my sons to achieve A* in English in their respective PSLE examinations but even more so because all three found a wise mentor and sensible counsellor in her. She holds them to a high standard both academically and in their conduct and out of deep respect for her, they rose to meet those standards. She holds a disciplined, methodical and fun approach to learning. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Aida Kurniawan

"Liza is indeed a teaching maestro who is able to encourage, teach and transform children of all abilities. I sent all three of my children to her, each child with a very different set of learning challenges. She was able to bring out the best in each of them as Liza does not have a one-size-fits-all method. Instead, she saw each child as an individual, working in the child’s best-fit style. Despite their challenges, my older two children got A* for English at PSLE and my youngest got AL1 for English at PSLE. Beyond the PSLE, the foundation laid by Liza in English gave my children the necessary tools to excel even as they pursue their IGCSE, consistently achieving results that surpass our expectations."


I started my journey with Teacher Liza in the middle of Primary 5. Back then, English was my worst subject. I was one of the worst in English in my class. There were times when I wondered if I could even smell my A* for the PSLE because no matter how hard I worked, my English grades continued to slip.

Just when all hope seemed lost, my mother introduced me to the best English teacher I have met in all my primary school years - none other than Teacher Liza. Teacher Liza is a different teacher. Most teachers would force knowledge down one's throat but she inspired learning. She made it a point to make sure we had a good laugh each session about the English language and that was something I looked forward to. She motivated me to work harder when I got a bit lazy sometimes and she gave me constant encouragement.

My composition marks improved from 31/40 to 36/40. Nearing the prelims, going to Teacher Liza was especially helpful because she would revise what we had learnt and enforce exam techniques such as how to answer an oral question. Through perseverance and grit, the impossible happened. I got an A* for my PSLE English exam! I would say this result is all attributed to Teacher Liza. 

Teacher Liza, thank you for guiding me to achieve my dream.

Charlotte Yeo, A* for English

I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous impact you made on Angela. It's only been 8 short months but it's astronomical. You not only teach her English. You set her a very high standard and you guided her towards it. Through you, I see the potential of my (daughter) and through you, I learnt how I should be helping her move forward. The impact you had on Angela did not end yesterday; it will last a lifetime.  Thank you very much Liza."

Gin Cheong, Mother of Angela (AL1 For English - PSLE 2020)

"Hello Teacher Liza!


It's been simply AGES since I last saw you! I'm missing you and the L'Attitude lessons dreadfully. I also seem to have forgotten most of my English. (What's a pronoun again?) I'm enjoying secondary school - although, again, I wish that you taught Secondary 1 students.


I'll come along with my mom and visit you one of these days when she's picking Lucas or Samantha up from L'Attitude. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.





It's always so much fun learning at L'Attitude,

Especially when I'm being taught by you!


This is a couplet I made up. Yeah, yeah, I know, you already knew that.


L: Loving

I: Ingenious

Z: Zealous

A: Amazing (and attractive HAHA)


Liza is THE BEST!"

Natalie Ong



L'Attitude provides 1-on-1 English lessons for children who prefer individual attention or those who are from international schools which run on a different syllabus.



With a maximum class size of 8 in a small group setting, students are guided in all areas of the PSLE English language syllabus for Primary 1 to 6 in Singapore.

From composition writing to oral fluency, children are exposed to various forms of writing, and all aspects of the English Paper 2 requirements.  



1. Composition Writing Workshop 

Maximum Class size : 8

25 - 29 November, 2024: Monday to Friday

P2: 9-10.30am

P3: 10.45am-12.15pm 

P4: 1.30-3pm 

Cost: $500

P5: 3.15-4.45pm

P6: 5-6.30pm

Cost: $750

Venue: L'ATTITUDE, 1 Fifth Avenue, Guthrie House, #02-02, Singapore 268802

Registration link to be updated

Venue: L'Attitude, 1 Fifth Avenue, Guthrie House, #02-02, Singapore 268802

Places are limited and on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are keen, do register with us as soon as possible.

2. 1-1 Coaching

Mondays to Fridays : 2-20 Dec (selected timings to be confirmed)


Liza will be opening up personalised coaching slots during the Nov/Dec school holidays. Please indicate your preferred date on the form and we will reach out to suggest time slots for consideration.

Cost: All levels per 1.5hr session - $200

Registration link to be updated

3. Speech and Drama Workshop

Maximum Class Size : 16

Designed to build speech confidence and oral diction accuracy, the children always have a blast in this four-day programme.

​This year, we'll embark on public speaking, speech clarity, articulation and vocal projection for oral skills as the children think on their feet and learn to speak up and use the English language creatively over four days.

17-20 Dec, 2024: Tuesday - Friday

Run 1: 9am-12pm 

Run 2: 1pm-4pm

Cost: $450

Venue: L'ATTITUDE, 1 Fifth Avenue, Guthrie House, #02-02, Singapore 268802

Registration link to be updated

L'Attitude will be closed from 24 December 2024 to 5 January 2025. Regular Term classes resume on Monday 6 January 2025.

P4-6 book photo.jpg


Collaboration with Singapore-based Armour Publishing to publish a series of books to help students write better as they prepare for the new PSLE continuous writing syllabus.
The books are now available at all Popular and Kinokuniya stores.
Check out

why i wrote this book.jpg


A book that summarises the skills and tips needed in all four papers of the PSLE English language syllabus. Trickiest grammar and Synthesis & Transformation rules are included together with exercises to reinforce the learning. Cute pull-out cards for quick and easy revision which children find interesting and effective. Available at Popular and Kinokuniya bookstores.
















Scoring the AL1 in Situational Writing 

This book was written to help students contextualise the various situations they might encounter through the lives of five friends. The aim of this book is to help students cover the PSLE Situational Writing syllabus in a fun and engaging manner as they discover ways to better express the needs of the given task. Model answers written by actual students and edited by the author are included in this book and are separated into formal and informal topics. An example topic, complete with a model answer and guide, is included at the start of each section so that students can see how their answers should be organised and laid out.


Do you have concerns about your child's English language development? Or are you keen to sign your child up for a holiday programme? Use our registration form for holiday programme sign ups and we will get in touch.


1 Fifth Avenue, Guthrie House, #02-02
Singapore 268802



9775 8300

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